a gentle companion, an unusual connection

Hi- I'm Daphne.

I was born in one borough of New York City and now I live in another. A Libra with many water placements, I value harmony, balance and refinement while possessing an undercurrent of genuine passion, intuition and gentleness.

I love getting the chance to feel into others and I appreciate taking the time to let a personal connection unfold. I think the most generous gift you can give someone is your attention. Mine is focused. That being said, I try not to take myself too seriously which usually lends my particular brand of bounce and a little bit of ease to our interaction. Because pleasure should be easy.

When I'm not with you, I like to read and write poetry, practice yoga and roll around in bed with my kittens.

I could write more to this story but I have a thing for the things that go unsaid. And besides, I'd rather write it with you.



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